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How To A Choose Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Who to choose?

A Quick guide through the minefield of conflicting information, and often misunderstood claims and myths.

Anyone who charges a fee for the privilege of working on your treasured floor covering may be looked upon as a “professional”.

The key word here being “anyone”.

There is however, a vast difference in the level of competence, that the array of “professionals” parading before you are capable of.

A lot of the general public and even some within the trade itself mistakenly regard the act of carpet cleaning as a very simple, untrained task.

At the bottom end of the scale, untrained individuals with no real concept of what they are undertaking, use low powered under performing tools, no different to hire machines. They invariably only achieve a result as poor as, or only slightly better than you could yourself.

The area will “look” clean because the surface dirt has gone, so you may be fooled into believing the job is a good one, the individual will believe in their “success” also.

Next step up, is the “basic trained” individuals. This means that they will have undergone some form of instruction, but the extent of this is usually limited. It may be little more than being shown where the “on & off” switches are; (yes it has happened). It may be a few hours classroom tuition, usually a day or less, which is far from adequate. These individuals, however, consider themselves to be “trained”. Results, may be slightly better than the previous type.

A step further, and training will be more adequately provided, with more time given and a little more depth provided. This is still usually limited to theory and little or no practical training.

Results and belief of success are a step up from the previous types.

Some others may be trained by their national parent company in the case of franchises, and training may involve some practical. This will however, be limited to the company’s own system of cleaning.

A true Professional worthy of the capital P, will have been trained in depth to identify fibres, how to prevent shrinkage and rippling, how to test for dye loss, how to identify stains and treat accordingly, how to safely clean problematic carpet types. On top of this, they will know how to rectify problems created by previous “cleaners”; human and chemical. They will work to standards nationally recognised; British Standard PAS86, and be likely members of the National Trade Association, NCCA.

All reputable businesses should, by law carry both Public Liability and Employer’s Liability (as appropriate) Insurance.

The more knowledgeable will also carry Product & Treatment Liability and perhaps Professional Indemnity, to safeguard themselves, and their customers.

A Top Professional will be all of the previous stage, but with many years (the more the better) of knowledge and experience gained on the job; and from continued retraining to keep up to date.

After purchase of house and car, the next high cost items are floor coverings and furniture. It would be wise to care for them in the best possible way. 

To be at the stage where a good Professional has achieved high status, obviously a lot of time, effort,, and expense has gone into the business, so costs will reflect that. 

Therefore, don’t expect a good service to be the cheapest on offer, however, it is not necessarily the dearest either. A Top Professional in every way, will have business acumen and customer service will be a priority, which involves not over-charging for their service.

Choose wisely, from a more enlightened position.

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