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How We Use & Abuse Our Carpets

A recent trade association survey uncovered what dirt and germs might be discovered in the carpet and sofas of the average British household. Let’s take a look at the findings.

45% of people consider it rude if visitors didn’t take shoes off when they entered their home.

70% have trodden in soil / mud into their home, 25% admitted to dog poo.

25% have changed nappies on the carpet without a change mat.

40% exercise on the carpet, 25% admitted to having sex.

70% use the sofa to “rest” when ill. 37% admittedly to having blood, urine, and vomit on furniture and carpet.

50% eat and drink on the carpet, 75% on a sofa.

51% owned up to eating food dropped on the floor.

41% are concerned about germs and bacteria that could be lurking on sofas, chairs and carpet.

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